How to make sure a childcare centre is doing its job

There are three types of day care centres. The first type is the formal child-care centre, the second type being the family day care centre and the third one is the in-home care system. The goal of all three types of childcare centres is taking care of your children. A lot of men and women are working nowadays. Gone are the days when women used to stay at home and take care of the babies. Nowadays they have to step out and ear in order to provide the best of everything to their kids. Childcare providers are your substitute and that’s why they have to as much caring for your kids. Here are some ways that can help you size up a childcare centre’s services.

Look around when you go to inspect a childcare centre. Pay attention to the way staff interacts with the children and the way they deal with stubborn or lazy kids. Ideally, a caregiver should have a very caring body language. She should be on the floor, playing with all kinds of kids. You can ask the care givers questions regarding the ways in which they deal with naughty kids. There is obviously no room for aggression from a childcare provider in any case.

Make sure you find out the parenting philosophies of the care providers. Find out if they use time-outs or scolding at the childcare centre. Find out what they show kids on TV. Also, ask them the menu they have planned for the kids. Ask them how they convince kids for taking a nap. It is also important to find out if sick kids are allowed to be at the centre. Look around and make sure they have enough care providers so that if one of them falls ill, the others can take over her job. It is alright to ask a lot of questions. After all, you are a parent and this is your right. Don’t enroll your kid in any centre that has representatives who are hesitant when it comes to answering the questions. A good childcare centre in Singapore will always answer all your questions without frowning.

One of the best ways to make sure a centre is doing its job well is to spy on them. This might sound a bit too much but it is your right to find out if the centre is fulfilling its promises. You can yourself give them a surprise visit or you can simply send one of your friends to act like a potential client. Your friend can simply come back with the kind of behavior the care givers have with your kids. Ask your friend to see if the child-care environment is clean and childproofed. Ask her to find out how older kids act with the younger ones at the centre. A good childcare centre Singapore will always welcome you in the centre no matter what they are doing or what time of the day it is. Good hospitality is one of the best assets of a good childcare centre in Singapore.

Make sure you talk to your kid every single day about his day at the centre. Watch his body language closely when you ask him to get ready for the centre. If he cries badly every time or if he shakes or shows signs of fear then you need to find out what is making him feel like that at the childcare centre.